VIDEO – Sauvetage d'animaux – faune orpheline – faune de la BBC


  1. I remember the first time, a few years ago, when I shot my first caged rhino. It was so easy, and the price was fair. When I got home with its horn, I saved it for winter. That Christmas I warmed my hands by rhino horn, which burns exceptionally well. I'd shoot another one – if caged – in a heartbeat for fuel that burns that well.

  2. i'm the sort of person that gets a strange sense of satisfaction when deer hunters are themselves mistaken for deer…

  3. @moneemayumi Lol me too! Hey, you commented on a Zim vs Dib video 10 days ago! Lol u shot soniclover with a Darth gun hehee

  4. I've never heard of this horror why don't you get BBC to air this in US and England! Name the countries so tourists can BOYCOTT them! And name the hunters in the press so we can shame them! Washington, D.C. lawyer!

  5. Watching this video reminds me of the death of Littlefoot's mother from The Land Before Time. It's very sad to see the poor orphaned animals being left alone with their parents gone. TT_TT

  6. 사반나 한가운데 집을 짓고 살고 야생동물을 애완동물 삼아서 놀고…, 엿같은 백인들. ㅉㅉㅉ