VIDEO – Il ne s’agit pas seulement des bébés animaux … Chuffed Adventures S01Ep04


  1. WoW! Such A Great episode. I just so happen to be an "Extremely Sloth friendly Rottie"!! I just love them! In fact as I type this. I am looking @ a Big Sloth callander I purchased from a Sloth rescue organization. Hopefully the $$$ finds its way to them. The two friends I hope to meet while i'm still consciousness, are an Elephant & a Sloth!!! I'm guessing you've encountered both? Thanx again for another Great Episode! <3 😉 Grrrrr.

  2. Im pretty sure I spotted a few baby animals, fortunately Im kinda into that
    I had no clue something called a sloth existed, so that was new
    if only he could be trained to fix anchor lights

    nice microscope, Im the one that discovered that garlic in solution would kill of plant destroying nematode life, with the slightly unfortunate consequence of destroying the host plant, that was with a 20x Olympus

    rather like boats, you cant have everything ..

  3. Hi, responding to "girl vs boat"  Had to laugh, thought I was watching a re-run of White spot pirate. Glad you got it sorted. Best of luck in your work/adventures.

  4. nice, thanks for posting… creating and growing is wonderful to see! Thanks again.  Hey almost forgot, unsure of how to research it, but I've not been able to find the status of Nike and White Spot Pirates' channel. Is she off the chart for good, ok, etc? Just remember you all connected once. Cheers til next time!

  5. Wish we had your skills and could make the difference you do. BTW Oscar and Lady (our two pooches) now have settled more on the boat and with positive reinforcement and lots of encouragement they are doing their business on the green mat we got them. Oscar still gets a little nervous in the first hour or so of sailing or motoring but, now settles down and finds a spot where he is comfy. Thanks for your previous advice. Sail safe. Ant & Cid xx

  6. Loved the drone shots, such a great perspective to show the places. I can’t wait to air some of my drone footage, too. It’s been fun playing around with the new gadget. Such different opportunities with the drone…
    Stay safe, Chica! Miss ya 😘

  7. It's not all about baby animals……O please please don't tell me you don't love baby animals……..I know better..LOL

  8. What's Ritchie's long-term prognosis missing one limb? With their slow movements, it's easy to assume losing a limb wouldn't be a huge issue, but assumptions in ignorance are dangerous.




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