VIDEO – Dogs meet babies for the first time compilation 2017 [BEST OF]


  1. It's unfortunate that some dogs don't take well to a new, very small member of the family. My uncle and his girlfriend had to put theirs down after he began to get aggressive around their newborn.

    But it's nice when they do. 🙂

  2. I've had the biggest fear of dogs because as i child i would always encounter them as if they were attacking me or intimidated because they have sent my fear for them. I'm trying to watch these video's because i won't to get rid of my fear for dogs.

  3. Animals are amazing creatures. But having them in your house is, in my opinion is animal abuse. In my opinion, animals are meant to live free in the wild. Even if their "owners" love them. They never get to go where they want. I just feel really bad for them.

  4. It's cute and all but I'm concerned about the parents letting the dogs lick the NEWBORN BABIES, that can easily get sick.

  5. Loved all of these… except the Rottweiler looked a tad scared of the baby, please don’t leave scared dogs out of your reach with your babies 👀

  6. Dog
    Hmmm what is this Tiny thing with a big head?
    Looks at owner and back at baby
    Your offspring?
    I shall protect it with my life

  7. Okay I get the cuteness part, but I don't understand how people can let dogs lick their babies all over like that….

  8. Way too cute.. I bet if a stranger was to touch those children you would have a face full of pet. I can guarantee the animals would be all over you..