VIDEO – Chiens mignons et chats drôles Compilation d’animaux mignons de bébé – les animaux les plus drôles jamais essayant de ne pas sourire


  1. No no no ! Not cute at all, just cruel. How can you dress wild animals ? Have a baby or buy a doll and leave animals alone. This is so painful to watch.

  2. The cat and the duckling started me rolling! The puppies at 2:0 is how I feel after work. LOL. All the baby animals are so adorable. I think they look so cute in clothes. 💙😂🥰

  3. That hideous baby turkey (?) Running all willy nilly with it's little cape (10:26) was awesome..the rest of these videos appear to be from places where cats and dogs are still food. When did terrified ostriches become cute? Y'all suck After more thought, that sad scared baby bird thing, that's cruel as poop, too..weirdos




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