VIDEO – Animaux mamans réunis avec leur bébé | Le Dodo Best Of


  1. Animals, even chickens and cows love their babies. Why do humans want to kill them via abortion all the time? Doesn't seem right.

  2. so many in this comment section saying its sad etc. But most probably eat meat where the babys of the moms get taken away and the cattle get misstreated and abused.

  3. For the people that have done or did this thank you I saved a baby duck from wire when I was fishing the mom abandoned her buy then we found the mother and reunited them we were going to adopt the duckling but the mom was found so we had to give her back 👍😃 so happy that people like this exist though

  4. I can't believe that animals are being treated this way, literally taken from their families. God bless those who work their tails off to get them back